Make Your Own Cookie Cutter

Once you start making sugar cookies, you might find that you never have enough cookie cutters. You might even find that it’s midnight and you need a tooth cookie cutter and you can’t wait the two days for Amazon to ship it to you. Or, you may want a custom cookie cutter that doesn’t exist […]

Tooth & Braces Sugar Cookies

When you need to say “I’m Sorry” to your Orthodontist because you completely forgot about an appointment, and you’re working on your sugar-cookie game, then really, there’s only one thing you can do…make sugar cookies in the shape of teeth! The braces were a bit of a struggle as I wasn’t sure how exactly to […]

Hearts & Roses Sugar Cookies

A little Valentine’s Day sugar cookie inspiration from Lori Garcia Studios. I grew up calling hearts Valentine’s. I’m not sure why, but this is what my cute, southern-mama Linda called them. So even though I labeled this post “Hearts & Roses Sugar Cookies,” in my head I’m calling them “Valentines & Roses Sugar Cookies.” These […]

Christmas Cookies 2017

Have you followed our tutorial on DIY Sugar Cookies? (Sugar Cookies 101: Part 1 – Making the Cookies & Sugar Cookies 101: Part 2 – Decorating the Cookies) We’d love to see what you and your fam created. Send us your pictures and we’ll post them. Here are our Christmas cookies for 2017. Hope you […]

Sugar Cookies, Part 2 – How to Decorate the Perfect Cookie, the Easy Way!

In this article…. Find out the absolutely easiest way to decorate sugar cookies, from this self-proclaimed Lazy Girl. Sugar cookies are one of my current, favorite projects — it’s food that is art! This is part two in our series, where I show you how to decorate professional-looking sugar cookies with royal icing. Watch the […]

Sugar Cookies, Part 1 – How to Make the Perfect Cookie

In this article….Find out to make sugar cookies that don’t lose their shape, and taste delicious! Sugar cookies are one of my current, favorite projects — it’s food that is art. What’s not to love?! And since I dove head first into sugar-cookie making about a year ago, I have learned quite a bit, and […]

Happy Homecoming Sugar Cookies!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The weather is cooler, the kids go back to school, hot cocoa abounds, the kids go back to school, there’s time for fun projects and did I mention the kids go back to school?! I do love my crazy kiddos, but it is nice to be […]

Arizona Sugar Cookies

I was grateful to spend time with these three lovely ladies – Jo and her two girls, and help them learn the art of decorating sugar cookies. We had a fun time together making cookies celebrating Arizona — the location for her youngest upcoming mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We’re […]

My Favorite Sugar Cookie & Icing Recipes

I have fallen in love with baking and icing sugar cookies. I love a good challenge, and sugar cookies have filled that need. I’m made and iced several dozen and I learned a few tips along the way. I need to write a post with all of these tips, but for now, I’m going to […]