When you need to say “I’m Sorry” to your Orthodontist because you completely forgot about an appointment, and you’re working on your sugar-cookie game, then really, there’s only one thing you can do…make sugar cookies in the shape of teeth!

The braces were a bit of a struggle as I wasn’t sure how exactly to do them, but I found a smaller tip #1 and doing both the mouth and the braces in gray helped it look cuter.

I also tried edible dusting powder from Sugarbelle for the first time. My local craft store only had “rose gold,” instead of pink, giving the blushing cheeks more of a orangish-color. It wasn’t my first choice, but the other craft store is sooooooo far away, so “rose gold” won. I think I went a bit heavy on the dusting powder. You mix it with flavoring extract so that it will adhere to the cookie. I tried to use just a drop, but I think next time I will use less.

Another new thing — I made this tooth cookie cutter! Yes, I finally mastered cookie cutter-making, and it’s pretty darn simple! I found the materials to make them at my local hardware store too, and it only cost pennies! Stay tuned for a new tutorial coming soon on how to make your own. 

I hope you enjoy these cookies, and yes, I get the irony of getting a dental office sugar 🙂