Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays — anything that celebrates with pink and red hearts, glitter, roses and chocolate is for me!

Some years I like to hand-make valentines for my children and their classmates, and some years I like to pick up a box of generic commercial ones from Target. It really depends on my time and other crafting needs.

This year, I had a bit of time on my hands, and my kiddo is way into Legos, so we put together these little Lego Minifigure Valentines. I do think they turned out so cute, and they were easy enough for kids to help make them too!

Lego MiniFig Valentines

What you’ll need…

– Lego minifigure molds

– Candy melts in red and white, such as Wilton’s

– Candy heart sprinkles in pink and white

– Tooth picks

– Plastic bags, for packaging

– Lego Minifig Valentine’s Topper

(You can get all of these from Amazon or go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and use your 40% off coupon!)


1.Follow instructions on back of the candy melt bag or follow these basic instructions. Open the candy melts (use one color at a time) and pour some in a microwave-safe bowl. In this tutorial, I will refer to the candy melts as “chocolate.”

2. Microwave the chocolate for one minute and then stir thoroughly.

3. Microwave in 30-second intervals until smooth and completely melted. (You can over-melt your chocolate. It will pass the smooth stage and start to get chunky….obviously this is too far, and you will need to throw it out.)

4. Using a spoon, fill the mold with the chocolate until full. (I like to use a silicone baby spoon, as it’s small enough to only get a little bit into the mold — so you don’t overfill — and the silicone helps get all of the chocolate out of the bowl.)

5. Fill all the molds on the tray, and then tap the tray on the countertop to help settle the chocolate and remove any air bubbles.

6. Let stand until dry before popping the minifigs out of the the tray. If they don’t remove easily, they aren’t fully dry yet.

7. Once you’ve created both red and white minifigs, melt a little more chocolate in the coordinated color to use as glue to attach the heart sprinkle.

8. Dip your tooth pick into the melted chocolate and place a small dot on the chocolate minifig. “Glue” the heart sprinkle, in coordinating color, to the minifig. Continue until all your minifigs have cute hearts on them.

9. Let the minifigs dry before packaging.

10. Print out our free Lego Minifig Valentine’s Topper and trim, fold and staple to the top of bags to complete the project. (My favorite places to print are The UPS Store and Office Depot.