I think I might have sunk to a new low! A friend of mine on Pinterest recently pinned the cutest card for Teacher Appreciation Week using an EOS lip balm to make an apple-themed card. I instantly repinned it….and then went to work to make my own. Now, I think this would have been okay if my friend lived, say, on the other side of the country, but no, she lived in my neighborhood. That’s right, I pin-napped a craft for a teacher, from a mom in our same elementary school! Oops! Well at least her daughter isn’t in the same class as my son. That would definitely draw the line. I hope she feels flattered I thought she had good taste, not upset that I stole her idea!

I hope you like this as much as I did. Feel free to use my printable or go to the original pin at the Country Chic Cottage and use theirs.


1. Print out the card.

2. Trace the lip balm and cut out the hole.

3. Unscrew the balm and place it through the card. Screw the other end to the front.

4. Add a leaf and stem. I used craft paper and rubber cement glue.

5. You’re done.

Thanks to Country Chic Cottage and my friend Carrie for the idea!