Senior Portraits - What to Wear & Props

Depending upon the package you select, you can choose between 2-6 outfits. Here's a fun guide to deciding what to wear.

1. Your Favorite Outfit - Pick an outfit that you love and feel good in. Whether it's dressy or casual, you want to make sure you find an outfit that you won't regret.

2. Something for Grandma - A nice dress, slacks and a button-up shirt, find an outfit that grandma would love to to see you in. Remember, she's going to want a nice large picture of you for her wall, so let's impress grandma and her friends with a suitable outfit. Not sure what she'd approve of, ask you mom or dad, they know!

3. Show your School Spirit - Uniforms, letter jackets, these are made for senior pictures. Don't forget your pom pons, football, trumpet, books, or whatever interest you.

4. Something Fun - Want to wear ripped jeans and that killer leather jacket? Do it! If you have enough outfit changes, a fun outfit will be memorable for both you and your family. Don't be worried about being dated, that's what senior pictures are all about -- a time capsule of this best year of your high school life. Don't believe me. Let me tell you about a flannel shirt I wore and a bucket hat!

5. Show Off Your Interest - Do you love a band, singer or actor? Do you have a t-shirt that shows off your favorites? Wear it and it will be a great memory for you when you are older.

6. Be Proud of Your Upcoming College - Another thing many seniors like to do is wear a t-shirt promoting their upcoming college choice. Be proud of where you'll spend the next few year (and all of your money) with a t-shirt in one of your poses..

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