Location, Location, Location

We are very lucky in the Liberty and Kansas City area, as we have so many great locations to pick from for outdoor photo sessions. I will say, though, even though location is important, the people in the photos are what are really important. See below for some of my favorite places!

Woodneath Farms / Woodneath Library

Sometimes you find the perfect locations right in your own neck of the woods. This library and subdivision have a great area for all kinds of family photos. Maybe your own neighborhood has its own unique common areas as well. I'd love to hear more about it.

Kansas City Missouri Temple & Grounds

The temple grounds are gorgeous and are kept up in every season with beautiful flowers -- tulips in the spring and mums in the fall. There's also plenty of places outside the gates and at the round-a-bout nearby. It's a great place to take pictures.

William Jewell College

William Jewell is a gem of a college campus right here in Liberty. It has a variety of locations, but it's small enough to be walk-able.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson combines mature trees, steps, funky architecture and classic columns that give so much variety to one location.

The Plaza

If you like urban and architecture, the JC Nichols Country Club Plaza has a lot of awesome spots. From the Spanish stairs to the Italian architecture to the famous horse fountain aka the Nichols Fountain, there's a lot of places to choose from.

Hodge Park's Living History Museum

Tucked away off Shoal Creek Parkway, is the Shoal Creek Living History Museum at Hodge Park. It's a collection of old buildings preserved in an outdoor museum. With a water mill, barns, old church, bridge, it has a lot of fun places to take photos.

Hodge Park's 96th Street Entrance

The 96th Street entrance is the backside to Hodge Park. Here you will find ball fields galore, but also nice tree lines, wandering paths, a cool bridge, stream and lovely bike path.

Bennett Park

Liberty's own Bennett Park is full of mature trees and plenty of shade. That's helpful with sessions that need to be earlier in the day. It's also a good place to find beautiful fall leaves.

West Bottoms

Kansas City is situated on the top of a hill, and the areas round about are called the bottoms. The West Bottoms is a place that was once famous for industry, is now home to craft and antique stores known for their First Friday events. The area is also a favorite for pictures with its urban, grungy feel.

Loose Park

Loose Park has it all -- a pretty rose garden with arches and a fountain in the middle, mature trees, a lake with bridges and stepping stones, rock walls, etc! It is just lovely there.

Power & Light District

The Power & Light District is a beautiful down-town setting that is perfect for senior portraits, engagement sessions or small groups. If you love the bright lights and the big city, this is the spot for you.

Downtown LIberty, MO

If you want to keep your portrait session local, but you still want an urban setting, downtown Liberty, MO, is perfect. With its beautiful buildings, fire escapes and vibrant artwork, it's a win-win!

Your School

Your own home can be the perfect location for your portraits. Whether its outside or inside, your home or backyard is a place that family portraits will mean the most.

Liberty Memorial

With sweeping skyline views, stairs and fun sculptures, outside the Liberty Memorial is a fun place to have your portrait session.

English Landing Park - Parkville

Nestled in the heart of Parkville, MO, is English Landing Park. A perfect place for portraits in a country setting, complete with rocks, trees and a cute bridge. Within walking distance is downtown Parkville, a quaint downtown with pockets of nature intermixed. If you're close to Parkville, it's a great location for both family portraits, couples and seniors.

Stocksdale Park

If wilderness is what you're after, Stocksdale park is a great place for you.

Crown Center

If it's cold, raining (or both) why not try Crown Center for some images. Because of it's limited sizes, it works best for senior portraits, couples and small families.

Your Home - Friend's Home

Your own home can be the perfect location for your portraits. Whether its outside or inside, your home or backyard is a place that family portraits will mean the most.

Location Pairings for seniors

Senior portraits can include multiple locations. Here are some of our favorite pairings:

All Urban
West Bottoms + Power & Light

Urban & Park 1
West Bottoms + Loose Park

Urban & Park 2
The Plaza & Loose Park

Town & Country
The Plaza & Nelson Atkins Museum Grounds

Liberty Town & Country
Liberty Square & Hodge Park’s Living History Museum or 96th Entrance

School & Urban
Your high school field/gym  & Downtown Liberty

School & Country
Your high school field/gym  & Hodge Park’s Living History Museum or 96th Entrance