So you want to throw a LEGO party? Why not, Legos are a classic theme and the molds for these projects are so darn cute. When I clicked the “add to cart” link on Amazon the day I bought the minifigure molds, I thought it might be a splurge, but since then we have used them and used them. In this crazy post, I’ll share with you a peak into my slightly unhealthy obsession into children’s birthday parties.  Let my hours of hard work be your gain.
Included in this Post….
– Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitations with DIY Scratch-offs
– DIY Gummy Legos with Printable Toppers
– Minifigure Crayons and Lego Coloring Book
– Chocolate Minifigure Cupcake Toppers
– Minifigure Printable Banner
– Paper Plate Decorations
– Lego Race Car Activity

Here is a picture of the table scape. Notice at this time I did not understand the necessity of the backdrop. In these pictures it is painfully obvious how distracting the living room furniture is. My bad! Live and learn.


A good party starts with a good invitation. In a world of Evites, a printed invite gives a personal touch. And, if you have an interactive invite, all the better. These invites were printed at 4×6 photos and included a scratch-off to cover up the Lego Hero section. A series of 9 heroes were printed and randomly given out. You could use these as groups for the party, but we just did it for fun. The kids loved to be surprised when they scratched it off…even if we had no meaning to it. 
DOWNLOAD IT HERE. If you’ve never done a scratch-off thing before, HERE is a good tutorial. I’ve tried the crayon-method before, but I really like the package-tape method better. 
I printed these at my local Office Depot. They are great, low priced and you can email them these files directly, just call your local Office Depot’s print people.
(No, I am not getting paid for this endorsement…they are just amazing!)

If you have these awesome molds that you can buy HERE, and you use THIS TUTORIAL for make-your-own-gummies, than you can package them with these coordinating toppers that you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

Making Lego crayons is as easy as breaking them up, melting them down in the oven, 150 degrees F for 15-20 minutes. And there you go, cool crayons. Print out this Lego coloring book by DOWNLOADING PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3, PAGE 4, PAGE 5 and simply stitch it together for a great take-home.

Used the same molds (after washing very well) for chocolate for cupcake toppers. These were a big hit.

Make this quick and easy banner by DOWNLOADING IT HERE. Print it, cut it out, and sew or glue it to ribbon.

Made these crazy, but fun, plate decorations with THIS TUTORIAL, costing a total of $3.

Each guest created their own Lego car and then we raced them on this piece of MDF that was painted with chalkboard paint. We found extra Legos and car parts (wheels and steering wheels) HERE on AMAZON.