Kick your holiday pancakes up a notch by using Wilton’s Liquid Gel Colors to turn your pancakes into 4th of July flags.

Make pancake batter like normal. Divide batter into three bowls and add color one batter blue, one red and leave one normal. I like these gels because you easily dispense how many drops you want.

Quick Tip: Make the pancake batter slightly thicker than normal. That’s because your batter will thin out when adding the food coloring. We didn’t do that with the blue batter above, and well, it was a little looser than we would have liked.


Then we used these tipless pastry bags (the ones I’m loving with sugar cookie decorating right now) and placed the different batters in different ones.

Next, we recommend a non-stick griddle, like this ceramic one. Turn the heat on a low setting (we chose 275 degrees). Now you’re ready to great your masterpieces.

Quick Tip: Since we turned the temperature down on our griddle, we were able to let them cook on one side over. Flipping pancakes over and cause their untimely death!

Hope you try these fun pancakes. If you try it, be sure to send us a picture and we’ll add it to this post.

Happy 4th!