My kids stayed home on Thursday for “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Traditionally, the boys stay with me for half the day and my hubby for the other half. Since we’ve been into making “how to” videos lately at Lori Garcia Studios, the boys wanted in on the action. They love a good project, so we decided to make fluffy slime…and since Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino’s are super popular right now, we decided to make a unicorn version. I hope you enjoy our video.

Here’s the recipe for reference:

Fluffy Unicorn Slime


1 tsp borax

1 c warm water

1/2 c school glue

rounded 1/2 c shaving cream

1/2 c foaming soap

1 TB corn starch

couple of squirts of lotion

food coloring


  1. Dissolve the borax in water; set aside
  2. Dump the other ingredients in a separate bowl; stir
  3. Spoon in the borax mixture, slowly, stirring all the while. You may not need to add too much of the borax mixture.
  4. Stir until it sets up; remove from bowl
  5. Stretch until it loses its stickiness
  6. Set aside and make three other colors of slime
  7. Layer slime on top of each other and twist into a unicorn mix.
  8. Enjoy!
Or watch the YouTube Video:
P.S. This is not food. Do not consume.

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