Getting kids to do chores can be tough — especially if they can’t quite read yet. These printable picture chore charts are the answer as they help kids make doing chores fun. 


1. Print a base chart (blue or pink) and write your child’s name on it. 

2. Print and cut out the pieces that will work for your child’s daily or weekly chores. 

3. Laminate the chart and pieces and trim.

4. Add corresponding Velcro strips to the chart and pieces.

5. Place the pieces on the chart in the grey sections and teach your child which chores he is expected to do and how to move the pieces when he is done. Daily Chores – move the pieces a long with each day horizontally. Weekly Chores – move the chores down vertically when completed.

Enjoy helping your child make new habits!

Note: This chore chart has some small parts. Be sure littles don’t try to swallow them as they could harm themselves. Pay special attention to children under 3.

Download the printables:
> Chore Chart Blue
> Chore Chart Pink
> Chore Chart Pieces