Hi I’m Lori and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

When many people hear the words “DIY,” they think it’s going to be a lot of work. But we’re here to show you it doesn’t have to be. We’re all about making projects, recipes and crafts the Lazy Girl DIY way!

The backstory…
This site has been nearly 20 years in the making. Back in 2000, I along with a few amazing friends, I started a website called Mormonchic.com. It was a lifestyle website, patterned after MarthaStewart.com, with a uniquely Mormon twist. With heavy hearts, six years later, we made the hard decision to close our beloved website so we could focus on our young children and growing families.

Now, with my children older, and a little more time on my hands, I decided to come back to my roots and establish a more personal lifestyle site. So far it’s been an exciting adventure trying out new recipes, crafts, discussing important topics and having fun being part of the Internet community. Thanks for joining me!

A little more about me?

Favorite color – greenish blue

Favorite food – cheese & chocolate

Favorite trip – The German and Swiss Alps

Favorite craft medium – Oh, that’s a hard one….do I have to pick? Okay….polymer clay!

Schooling – University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism, summa cum laude

Jobs – TV reporter, Marketing Director for a software company, Freelance Graphic Designer, Family Photographer, Author

Favorite child – Just kidding…who can pick!

Current cooking obsession – Sugar cookies…I think it’s pretty apparent

Current craft obsession – Polymer clay…doll food, charms and jewelry